About Us

Indian Society of Radiographers & Technologists is the apex national professional body of Indian Radiographers and Radiological Technologists, working across the globe. Radiological Technology is the umbrella term used to denote the technology professionals in Radiology who are working in Medical Imaging Technology, Interventional Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine. ISRT was formed by merging various regional professional organizations in March 2006 and functioning as the apex professional body since July 2006, with the Head Quarters in Cochin.

ISRT is standing for Promoting the excellence in health care by recognizing qualified individuals in Radiological Technology and issuing them the Registration & Membership. By this way ISRT is functioning as a non-governmental professional body and performing a non-statutory professional regulation. At the same time ISRT stands for maintaining the workplace interest and welfare of members and promoting good academic atmosphere and finally aiming for comprehensive professional development among Radiological Technologists.

We are promoting career advancements and opportunities in India and abroad for our registered members and initiating the co-operative efforts of continuing education with leading Health Care Institutions and other Governmental and non-Governmental agencies in order to prepare the today’s successful Radiographers to handle with cutting edge technology and state of the art equipments in this field. ISRT also supports the health care initiatives and legislative activities directed at improving the standard of patient care and enunciate to shape the health policies concerning the professional status, the welfare of Radiological Technologists and implementation of Radiation Safety.

We are also standing for increasing the public awareness of issues related with Radiological Technology and the availability of sophisticated investigation modalities in the field by giving proper information to public. ISRT involved in cancer control programmes, palliative care and also raising awareness and granting assistance in cancer care.

Presently ISRT is having members from various streams of Radiological Technology and distributed in different parts of Indian peninsula. All states and Union territories in Indian Union have ISRT state coordinators. Our oversees members are working across the globe and ISRT having regional coordinators in Middle East and South East Asia, Australia, Newseland and in Europe.